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The Bremen based shipping company Carl Büttner is a reputable owner and operator with a long tradition and as such is ranking among the major German tanker companies since 1965 when the first coastal tanker, the MT “HUMMEL” was commissioned. The foundation of the company dates actually back to 9th March 1856 when on that very day the 25 years old Carl Diedrich Büttner established the forwarding and shipping agency Carl Büttner in Leer, East Frisia, Germany.

On 1st January 1892, a branch office was founded in Bremen to improve the business in direction of Königsberg and the Baltic Sea.

In 1933 it was decided to separate the forwarding and shipping agency and to establish the shipping business to Bremen. The subsidiary in Bremen became a legally and economically independent business entity.

The core business consists of the traditional owner activities, the operation and management of oil/product- and chemical tankers.

Carl Büttner GmbH & Co. KG (CB KG) is as managing owner the operating unit and responsible for the commercial management (chartering, operations) of the vessels and for the ship management.

Within the last 55 years, Carl Büttner became a well-known brand name, as the number and sizes of the vessels has increased gradually. Highest safety, quality and environmental protection standards as well as the strive for innovation in the development of safe tankers have always characterised the shipping company Carl Büttner.

Büttner is considered to be one of the pioneers for the construction of double-hull tankers. Since 1980 their vessels have been built with double bottom and as early as 1984 solely with double hull. Many ships have been awarded as “ship of the year” due to their technical innovations.

In 1995 Carl Büttner was accredited in accordance to the ISO 9002 standards, so that the certification according to the requirements of the International Safety Management Code was obtained in 1998.

In 2001, CB Maritime d. o. o. in Rijeka /Croatia was founded, which works for Carl Büttner Shipmanagement GmbH (CBS) as Crewing Agency.

With effectiveness 1 February 2003, the technical management of the entire fleet was subcontracted from CB KG to the newly founded Carl Büttner Shipmanagement GmbH (CBS), which is located at the same address. CBS is responsible for the safe operation of CB KG’s vessels including safety and quality management, crewing, nautical and technical inspection, fleet insurance and purchasing.

In 2013 the MT ”LEVANA’’ as first vessel was equipped with the Scrubber-Technology to reduce SO2-emissions, following by the second vessel MT ,,AURELIA’’ in 2016.

In order to fulfil the new requirements of the financing banks which became obligatory after the 2008/2009 financial crisis, a restructuring of the group as “Corporate Structure’’ with Carl Büttner Holding GmbH & Co. KG as financial holding and main shareholder of all individual companies ashore and at sea took place in 2017.

Carl Büttner Holding GmbH & Co. KG is also headquartered at the same address in Bremen and, as the parent company, responsible for corporate management and newbuilding projects.

Thus the preconditions to realize the largest investment programme in the company’s 165-year old history were achieved: In order to modernize the fleet and to meet the future requirements of the charter market even better, Carl Büttner placed in 2017 an order with the chinese New Hantong Shipyard for the construction of four modern 38,000 tdw IMO 2 products-/chemical tankers with high quality standards.

The first tanker of the newbuilding series, MT “CB ADRIATIC”, was delivered on 28th October 2019, the second one MT “CB BALTIC” on 13th January 2020, the MT “CB CARIBIC” on 22nd April 2020 and the MT “CB PACIFIC” was successfully set in operation on 9th July 2020.

09th March 1856 Foundation as forwarding and shipping agency in Leer by
Carl Diedrich Büttner
1879 Commissioning of the first own steamship “Stadt Leer”
01st January 1892 Opening of the branch office in Bremen by Johann Albrecht Büttner (2nd Generation)
1933 Separation of the forwarding agency (Leer) and shipping company (Bremen), takeover of the shipping company by Carl Diedrich Büttner (II) – 3rd Generation
1937 Purchase of the 1st bunker vessel “BIENE”
1960 Purchase of the first deep sea going vessel “BRUMMER”
1965 Purchase of the deep sea going vessel “HUMMEL”
1970 Takeover of the company by Carl Habbo Büttner
(4th Generation)
09th March 1981 125th anniversary
1984 Construction of vessels with double hull
1995 Accreditation according to ISO 9002
1998 Certification according to ISM
2001 Foundation of the crewing agency CB MARITIME d.o.o., Rijeka/Croatia
2003 Foundation of Carl Büttner Shipmanagement GmbH
09th March 2006 150th anniversary
2013 MT “LEVANA” first vessel equipped with the scrubber technology to reduce S0₂-emissions
2016 MT “AURELIA” second vessel equipped with the scrubber technology
2017 Restructuring as “Corporate Structure” Carl Büttner Holding GmbH & Co. KG (shareholder Maike and Jörn Büttner – 5th Generation) Order for the construction of four modern 38.000 tdw IMO 2 products-/ chemical tankers
October 2019 – July 2020 Deliveries of MT “CB ADRIATIC”,
09th March 2021 165 years Carl Büttner with new modern corporate design

Our Responsibility and Policies for a Sustainable Future

Our strategy is to apply and promote the highest possible level of safety and care for the environment in all our business activities. We take responsibility for our employees and customers.

Carl Büttner Shipmanagement GmbH (hereinafter called the “Company”) is committed to protect the environment and to achieve zero spill operations

1. by continual improvement of our environmental performance through

  • the identification of environmental aspects
  • the reduction of the environmental impacts of our activities and services
  • maximizing energy efficiency on board our vessels
  • safe shipboard operations
  • environmental awareness of our employees at sea and ashore

2. by compliance with applicable legal requirements and other requirements to which the Company subscribes

3. by ensuring that our purchase and supply activities continue to be more environmentally protective through

  • encouraging recycling and reuse initiatives
  • implementing waste reduction methods such as purchasing in bulk
  • environmental awareness of our suppliers and sub-contractors

In accordance with this policy the Company regularly develops and reviews its environmental objectives and targets.
It is our long-term objective to always remain compliant with the applicable international, national and regional rules and regulations, and with other requirements of the interested parties which we have identified as compliance obligations.
This Policy applies to all employees of the Company ashore as well as to all seafarers on board ships operated by the Company who are responsible to follow the procedures outlined in the Company’s Environmental Management System.
All employees of the Company ashore and the seafarers on board the vessels operated by the Company are directed to recognize, be committed to and actively contribute to the protection of the environment and in achieving zero spill operations.

Bremen, 2019-04-04
Carl Büttner Shipmanagement GmbH
Th. Mackenthun L. Bremer

It is the policy of Carl Büttner GmbH & Co. KG / Carl Büttner Shipmanagement GmbH (hereinafter called the “Company”), to ensure the occupational safety and health of seafarers and other employees

  • by identifying safety and health hazards on board;
  • by assessing the risks to safety and health on board;
  • by implementing health surveillance as a means to identify early signals of ill health so action can be taken to protect seafarers from an early stage on from further harm. Health surveillance is implemented where risk assessment identifies that
    • A particular activity may cause ill health;
    • An identified disease or adverse health condition is related to the work;
    • Recognised testing methods are available for early detection of an occupational disease or condition;
    • There is a reasonable likelihood that a disease or condition may occur in relation to particular working condition/environment;
    • Surveillance is likely to further the protection of crew members’ health.
    • All crewmembers will be subject to whatever health surveillance is appropriate for the work activities they are involved in.
  • by evaluating and assessing medical and health reports of potential crewmember prior signing on. If any doubt about any report exists, the company would disregard the employment or re-employment of such crew member until all doubts are cleared away;
  • by training seafarers in regard to occupational safety and health;
  • by implementing safety and health campaigns to raise awareness amongst seafarers for particular safety and health issues;
  • by providing food and drinking water of appropriate quality, nutritional value and quantity to seafarers free of charge, taking into account the differing cultural and religious backgrounds.


Bremen, 14th January 2016

T. Mackenthun L. Bremer
Carl Büttner GmbH & Co. KG Carl Büttner Shipmanagement GmbH

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